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    born in the slums of the city in new Orleans. been married once and have 4 children who of which I adore more than any of the most special things this world could offer. I love art I believe its everywhere and in everything if the right eye sees it. it's all around us. I fear nothing of this temporary world, other than our lord who created it. I lost everything in a matter of seconds, my entire life, I watch float passed me. it was then I realized nothing in this lifetime matters. nothing that exists here goes away with us when we go none nothing. and it's all temporary. it costs zero cents to be a decent human being. but being a shitty one could cost it all. karma is real. God is real. Death is inevitable and this life is your life not your moms not you grandma or second cousins on you mothers side but yours it is. I do not want to merely exist here in this life I want to live it. So I say what I mean and I say it when how and where I want for whatever reason I choose and to whomever I desire. you dont have to be in my presence nor listen to my words you'll 9 times out of ten become heavily offended so if you're easily confused or offended you should probably just walk away. peace love and chicken nuggets

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Joby Magee rdFranklintonLaUS

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