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Bold, Bright, Clean American Tattooing.



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    Pro | Old School (Traditional)Black & GrayFine-lineJapanese (Irezumi)Lettering
    I’m originally from West Columbia, South Carolina. Tattooing was illegal when I growing up there, so there really wasn’t a lot to see tattoo wise except on television or in magazines. That is, until I started skateboarding and listening to hip hop. Even more so, when I started going to hardcore shows and hanging around crust punks when I was in high school. Everybody I looked up to at a young age was covered in tattoos. That for me is what sort of sparked my interest. Then around the age of 16, I moved to Florida and tattoos were everywhere. It was awesome. I remembered all the Florida kids coming up to some of the shows at New Brookland Tavern when I still lived in SC and thinking “yo these kids are crazy as hell with their face tats and sleeves”. It wasn’t until i was around 20 years old, that I had dropped out of college and found the right people to be around to learn the craft. >>> >>> >>Ten years later...

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Bold, Bright, Clean American Tattooing.


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923 N. Magnolia Ave. #401OcalaFLUS

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