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Crown & Feather Tattoo co. is Philadelphia's premier private studio. With a focus on quality work, creativity, and customer service, we strive to create a truly unique and memorable experience for every client. ​ ​ History: Partners Nick 'the Tailor' Solomon, Andrew Robinson, and Dylan Carr sought to create a new kind of tattoo business. In 2019 the partners created Crown & Feather. Combining the newest technologies in the industry with the rich history of Philadelphia, the location at 2628 Martha Street was chosen - this turn of the century warehouse just off of the I95 corridor houses design studios, law offices, and a distillery. The studio is located in the flagship 1st floor loft space. ​ Crown & Feather prides itself in housing versatile and award winning talent. From being recognized at local and international tattoo conventions to working with Fortune 500 companies, Crown & Feather strives to offer world class talent to the Philadelphia stage.


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    My name is Nick ‘the Tailor’. I studied design at Penn State University and now work as a tattoo artist, freelance illustrator, and designer in Philadelphia. My style has a basis in traditional western tattooing (old school), but over time has developed to include the colors and details that are missing in many traditional designs. Rather than simply using shadows to create depth, I incorporate color theory and design principles into every piece I create. I’ve been creating digital content and illustration for twelve years and have worked with NBC, Mattel, Totes/Isotoner, Quattro Press, Sourpuss Clothing Co., and Darkside UK clothing. As a freelance illustrator, I can work with traditional mediums or digitally.

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2628 Martha stPhiladelphiaPAUS

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  • Tuesday11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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