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Crown & Anchor

Crown & Anchor

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

About the Studio

Private, exclusive art space for serious tattoo collectors.  Pioneering a new era of tattooing; one in which fine art, design & highly skilled medical procedures merge, to fashion the most aesthetically pleasing alteration to the human form. ​ A world renowned space, nestled in the quaint, North Atlantic seaport town of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. ​ We are an exclusive studio, catering to a small, serious and dedicated clientele seeking quality work. Open by appointment only to ensure the time required to create the perfect alteration to your bodys appearance.

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626 Ocean Road, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey


Tattoo by Crown & AnchorTattoo by Crown & AnchorTattoo by Crown & AnchorTattoo by Crown & AnchorTattoo by Crown & AnchorTattoo by Crown & AnchorTattoo by Crown & AnchorTattoo by Crown & Anchor

Reviews 3/39

Absolutely awful. Do not recommend. Unprofessional studio. I fully understand good work is expensive , but I received neither a good experience or good end result. Poor communication and not helpful after the tattoo healed poorly. They would not tell me what kind of ink was used after I inquired. In fact it took them almost 2 weeks to respond to my 2 emails and one voicemail with the excuse they were overseas. Sorry- you run a business that charges $300/hr you should have someone to answer the phone. It's a large piece that is still not finished. I now have to find a new artist to complete it because the guy that did it, Ivan, is back in Russia. The woman that set up my appt scheduled me for 5 hours a month before he was leaving (I was not made aware of this at booking), when she was fully aware the piece (half sleeve) would take over 10 hours to complete. THE DAY AFTER the tattoo got extremely infected and over the course of 3 weeks I ended up having to go to the ER twice for IV antibiotics and an infectious disease specialist after the oral antibiotics my PCP prescribed failed to work . The ID never determined the cause but thought it may have been contaminated ink. To this day the tattoo continues to fade and I have large patches of ink missing- and no I did not pick at it. I wish I could post pics on this site to show you. This is not my first go around tattoo wise and I followed the aftercare instructions to a T, however, I recognize the infection may not have been their fault. It could have been a freak thing. This is why my emails were not accusatory. Nonetheless I only received one response, and once I asked what typed of ink was used (Dr wanted to see if there were any FDA advisories for bacteria contaminated ink), the conversation ended. Another complaint: When making the appointment and taking $100 Paypal deposit it was never told to me that Ivan is CASH ONLY. Their website says they take credit card. For the work that day it was approx $1500. Who carries that much in cash ?? Needless to say it was a shock to be expected to pony up $1400 (less deposit) after sitting for a tattoo for 5 hours. He pointed out their were signs and there were. They were tiny!!! And even that when he had me fill out the forms he did not mention that I would be expected to pay cash. I ended up having to go to the ATM and then pay pal him the rest since I have a daily cap on ATM withdrawals. Oh and he had nothing drawn up when I arrived so I sat by myself (there was no one else present in the studio- just Ivan and I) for an hour while he came up with the design. When taking my deposit the studio asked for pictures of what I wanted and it was clear he never looked at them . At least if he told me about the cash beforehand I could have taken the hour I was just sitting there to go get that out of the way at least. Run, don't walk from this place. Very unprofessional.
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Walk-ins Welcome


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Crown & Anchor