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Diamond Inside Tattoo
Diamond Inside TattooDI

Diamond Inside Tattoo

About the Studio

Diamond Inside is a newly based tattoo house in Prague. Even though tattoos are our primary specialisation, the idea of our project is to support any kind of talent. We make tattoos, we paint, we shoot music videos, we take photos and we sculpture statues. Creativity doesn't have limits. Every tattoo should be original and that also reflects our customer approach. During every consultation – which is, of course, free – we try to point the client in the right direction. We know well enough that tattoos are very personal to each of us and that's why we make maximum effort in the process so both parties are as satisfied as they can be. We want everybody to feel comfortable at our house and we want everybody to leave us with a piece of something that will bring him joy for the rest of his or her life. If you want to be a part of something bigger, come check us out at Nový Zlíchov 15. We're looking forward.

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Nový Zlíchov 15, Praha 5, Czech Republic

Reviews 3/4

I was in Prague with my wife shortly after my son was killed in a car wreck. I lucked into finding this place by a google search and an Uber ride late at night. The Owner Opened up and did a tattoo for me in memory of my son I don’t speak Czech and only had a screen shot of what I wanted. He and his family opened their home to me and allowed me such a wonderful gift. I wanted desperately to bring something back home for my son, and this was the only thing that would do. Though we are from different places the kindness that was shown me speaks so much on the good that people are capable of giving to one another. No words will ever explain how much this act of kindness means to me. Thank you with all my heart.
Great design and details. It took three sessions but the final result is amazing.
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Walk-ins Welcome


LGBTQ Friendly


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DIDiamond Inside Tattoo
Diamond Inside Tattoo