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FBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow
FBI Tattoo London - WalthamstowFT

FBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow

About the Studio

Licensed attoo and piercing Studio in Walthamstow (East London) and Enfield (North London) with a crew of 11, and a very high reputation to uphold 😊

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424 Hoe Street, London, London

Reviews 3/11

JSJudit Solyom
I’ve had multiple tattoos done at multiple tattoo places, but FBI Tattoos has been, by far, the best. After researching on the internet I chose to come FBI leaving behind all other Tattoo artists and it was the best decision of my life! Steve is a thorough Professional tattoo artist, who ensures that EVERY DETAIL of the tattoo has got the attention. This was my second time at FBI Tattoo.Long story in short, I had a very old tattoo(10 years ish) which was faded and dated. Steve's done an amazing job and turned my old tacky tattoo to an amazing one. Absolutely love the design and artwork. It was exactly as per the concept I had in mind and the end result is fantastic. Love the entire experience right from the design to inking. 10 for Steve and his team at FBI for Hygiene and work ethic. Amazing, friendly art team and love the whole experience. Keep up the great work. Full Respect!!
YPYannis Pap
Tattoo: WALL-E, Rubik's Cube and plant. I was contacted in Tatoodo by Steve, who showed great interest in the concept I wanted - after posting the idea, with pictures of what I wanted to have. I went with two pictures and a story; I've wanted to create this as best as possible, and I have been trying to see how for a few months. Steve took it on board, we met and discussed and through the entire conversation, his enthusiasm on it was nearly matching my own - I was impressed and very happy! He came up with the idea to combine elements from the 2nd picture to the first (plant, light) and came up with the design that was done. I work in hospitality and have a background in health & safety, amongst others. I was blown away with how professionally clean the place is; and how well disciplined the artists are. Very welcoming people, with humour and smiles - an indication of a very well functioning team. Highly recommended, with excellent prices and impeccable drawings, service and professionalism. Thank you so much for helping me imprint one of the most important chapters on my life with your talent & passion, Steve.
GPGiorgio Pascone
The decore of the studio is great. Everything was clean and tidy. The range of artists is quite big and they all act as a real family. Steve was amazing in creating my joker! We started from an idea that I had and we turned in something unique and spectacular. The thing I was very happy is that they truly put the person before the money and when u are in a friendly environment everything is different. Pricing wise is super fare and honest considering his knowledge and experience. The result was amazing, I will never forget this magnificent experience. Thank u Steve!
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Walk-ins Welcome


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FTFBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow
FBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow