FBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow

FBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow


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Licensed attoo and piercing Studio in Walthamstow (East London) and Enfield (North London) with a crew of 14, and a very high reputation to uphold 😊


  • LS
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    Old School (Traditional)BlackworkNeo-TraditionalOrnamentalIllustrative
    Italian artist based in London
  • LW
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    Pro | Black & GrayBlackworkDotworkFine-lineGeometricHorrorLetteringNeo-TraditionalNew SchoolRealismIllustrativeSurrealismTrash Polka Style
    Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Lou is now based at FBI Tattoo London and is available at both Walthamstow & Enfield branches. Lou particularly enjoys high contrast, high colour and heavy black work especially if it involves movie, music or macabre references. Find her on instagram @louwart
  • FI
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    Pro | Black & GrayRealism
    It all began 25 years ago with a little puppy... :) Ask for the whole story in person if you are interested... I have always been doing tattoos since the age of 16. Creativity always counted as a big part of my life, so I received my second uni degree as a teacher of drawing, and have taught for 10 years in an art school. I started to work in the United Kingdom in January of 2013, and after working in some tattoo studios in Scotland, Ireland and Wales, ended up in London. There I opened my own shop: FBI Tattoo London. Most of the people wonder about the shop’s name... My own name’s initials.. :) I'd say my main field of expertise are the black and grey realism, and cover-up tattoos.   Enquiries: ownersteve.fbitattoolondon@gmail.com
  • JG
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    Old School (Traditional)BlackworkDotworkNew SchoolTribal
    London tattoo artist and piercer
  • SB
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    Black & GrayRealismSurrealism
    I am professional tattoo artist from Italy and I am currently working in a fully licensed studio in London as an artist and shop manager. I love to tattoo in a surrealism and realism style in black and grey. Instagram: simoneb.tattooartist https://www.instagram.com/simoneb.tattooartist/?hl=it Whatsapp: +447481486257

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Debora Aledda
Really nice place and friendly staff!! I’ll certainly come back.. A big thank you to Simone for the cute tattoo 😊


Very nice


I am 5 tattoos down at FBI and I love the place. The guys there are really friendly and I feel welcomed and kinda part of the family. The place is clean, has a good range of artists, and the prices where very resonable for the quality of work, I'm loving every single one. Thank you Lou. I just read the 'no face tattoo post', which isn't accurate. I was in the reception area when someone with no tattoos was requesting one. They have a policy to challenge anyone getting tattoos that are quick to regret, such as new partners names, or hand or face tattoos. I was impressed when I found this out because they prioritise the person before the money.


FBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow
FBI Tattoo London - Walthamstow
We are TRULY grateful for the kind feedback and the explanation as well. Hope to cya soon again :)


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424 Hoe StreetLondonLondonGB

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