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    I have dreamt of making crafts and I thought I will be making handmade products, but because of this passion it has led me to becoming a Tattoo Artist. In 2011, when I was looking for ideas for handmade products, I accidentally found information about how to do tattoos machine, and then I made a simple machine by my own. I started to do small tattoos for friends and slowly improved my tattoo skills. After 8 years of working in this job, I have practiced and learn to improve my skills in many tattoo shop and club to learn different styles of tattooing. And I found that I was so enraptured in Realistic Tattoo Style and I've decided to pursuing it. I am determined and motivated ,I don’t just want to be successful for myself but I want to be able to help Tattooing succeed in bringing a new outlook and more socially acceptable.

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