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    Born in Managua, Nicaragua, drawing and crafts were present in my life from a young age. They were a way to communicate ideas, expressions and feelings. I never felt the need or curiosity to draw objects or people, and always preferred abstraction. In abstract forms, there is no way to compare what is drawn with reality: it’s simply perceptions with no wrong or right.  My work is informed by my studies in physiotherapy and medicine in my home country, which helped me better understand not just the functions and healing processes of the skin, but also human anatomy and function. Internships at public hospitals in my home country made me realize the value of appropriate resources and also provided skills and resourcefulness, both of which I continue to apply to my piercing and tattooing practice. My studies in anatomy have also given me a unique understanding of movement in the human form, which I apply to my work. A good design is not enough. Design must be paired with the client’s essence and their unique form/shape and movement. My current tattooing practice is a result of my move to the US in search of a fresh start. At first a way to supplement my piercing practice, tattooing has developed into a great love and a new avenue to express my ideas. I travel continuously to learn from other artists, as well as, to get inspiration from new cities. The architecture, people, way of life and foods encountered in these travels inform and give depth to my work. I am forever questioning my practice and perceptions and this leads to encounters with new ideas, perspectives and tools. I create original one-of-a-kind designs that are the result of my own lived experiences. I believe innovation and originality are the most important elements in my work and what have produced my artistic signature.  

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Julian Sturzlbauer
Great artists with many time for there customers



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1247 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139MiamiFlUS

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