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Branson , MO
Custom Tattoos and Body Piercings 100% disposable and latex free



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    Mike has traveled the globe and spent many years developing his craft. He has 20+years experience in the artist chair and Tattooed for World Famous; Jade Dragon Tattoo in Chicago Illinois. Mike has since settled in the heart of Branson Missouri-one of America’s Top 20 vacation spots, and is proud to announce the opening of Jade Dragon Tattoo Company on August 17, 2017 in Branson Missouri with his Partner in Art; Chana Greene. Mike said, “We are one of the leading Tattoo shops in the industry in both Sterility and Custom Designs. We are 100% disposable from tattoos to piercings making cross-contamination nearly impossible. We also use only the best tools and inks on the market. This sets the stage for the artist and client to have the safest and most rewarding experience possible, because bottom line is, we love our craft, and we love our art and we are so happy to be able to do just that, everyday.” Jade Dragon Tattoo Company LLC is made with love and three, long time friends and Co-artist that compliment each other well in both Style and Flavor. Mike Edrington, Chana Greene and Mikey Faith. Mike is a guy you will never forget and his artwork and tattoos are just as memorable. Wether you are visiting Branson Missouri and you want to take home a souvenir or if you’re a local B-town Tattoo conisuer - Mike is sure to leave a lasting impression on both your skin and you’re laugh gland! He enjoys passing the time in the chair with a joke or two. After all, don’t be so serious, it’s just permanent!! Lol

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Custom Tattoos and Body Piercings 100% disposable and latex free


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827 W Main St - Suite 206BransonMOUS

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