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Last Rites Tattoo Theatre
Last Rites Tattoo TheatreLR

Last Rites Tattoo Theatre

About the Studio

In 1998, Paul Booth opened up Last Rites Tattoo Theatre in New York City. With some of the finest tattoo artists in the world, Last Rites Tattoo Theatre quickly became one of the best studios to get inked and a legendary destination for fans and advocates of Booth's Dark Dominion. In 2007, Booth expanded his artistic and professional scope, and opened the first dark art gallery in NYC, aptly named Last Rites Gallery. Under one roof, Booth's artistic passions coalesced and birthed a haven for those who resonate with darker aesthetics. Last Rites Tattoo Theatre and Gallery provides its patrons with a sensory experience. Booth created an immersive world, first of its kind, in which guests can view the best of dark art, some of the best tattoo artists at work and an atmosphere unlike any other. Last Rites calls the darkest depths of one's psyche forward through its powerful visual repute and dark ideologies; No soul leaves the contemplative and moving environment unscathed.

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325 W 38th St, Midtown, New York, NY

Reviews 3/23

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Walk-ins Welcome


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Last Rites Tattoo Theatre