Tattooing - Painting - Art sessions Tears sometimes, are not a sign of sadness…  They are just the exact amount of liquids needed to dilute the darkness that hides one’s true self. The fastest way to show one’s nudity… A face with a washed up makeup. A scream is not always a sign of anger, but it sometimes is the roaring voice of a big bang. The echoes of a word at the root of some groundbreaking creations. A scar is not just another experience, but the necessary amount of redness needed to slap our humanity in the face to wake us up from the numbness we stagnate in… As for colours, they are just the refraction of pure white light, broken into rainbows, emanating from the deepest emotions that reflect the true nature of our feelings. Marianne Kesrouani works with emotions, liquids and colors to recreate some immortalised moments, some are dearly kept under our skins, and others hanging on our still walls flooding them with crystallized life. 

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