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    My name is Ruben Silva, from south of Portugal. My life story starts when I was a child, living in Lisbon. My favorite toys were permanent markers and obviously I always used on my skin ahah. And the love of draw and tattoos starts at that moment. In 2015, I bought a lots of Tattoo material, I learn by my self the rules, techniques, stories, and I start to do some free tattoos in my budies (not trash tattoos or something), I’m ambicious and the perfecionism is my life essence! But, a few weeks later, I had a chance to start my career, on my work area. Aerospace mechanical adjuster, great oportunity and I couldnt say no. But with the new job, with high responsability, dedication, no time, in another city, that two things was impossible to do. But now, my life changed and this is my way! I will dedicate to learn, training hard, for one day i ll back to put some ink on skins. Now I can’t accept any job. I’m just training, tattooing on my own skin, until I’m feel ready to do it again 🙏

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