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We are a fairly small shop located in the heart of beautiful Orange County, California. We specialize in mainly Black & Gray Tattoos but both Paul and myself have many years experience and a broad range of technical knowledge in all styles of tattooing. There is Paul (PAW) and I (Jake Coffee) here at Olde Realm full time. We occasionally have a 3rd artist in for guest spots or on a temporary basis. I like to keep that 3rd chair at least partially available for new talent. Having options which aid to the further development of our tattooing abilities is one of the biggest reasons I decided to become a shop owner. I find that owning the shop has removed many of the limitations I experienced while working in other shops over the years. Now I get to make the rules and the biggest of those being that there is no set rules. Only concern I have is that my clients walk away satisfied with their experience here at Olde Realm Tattoo. After 18 years in this trade I still learn something every day I go to work. I want to be the best at what I do. I want to exceed the abilities of my competitors and charge half of what most of them would for it. I want you all over my Facebook and Instagram. I care what you think and I want you to tell me if there was anything not to your liking so I can make sure it doesnt happen to the next person. I want you to be excited about having your friends, family and loved ones come in to get tattooed... But again, nothing is as important as having each and every person getting tattooed happy with their experience here at Olde Realm. Located in Stanton, CA.; Olde Realm Tattoo is just a 10 min. drive from Disneyland in Anaheim. We are located on one of the busiest streets in all of Orange County. The building is extremely easy to locate and has plenty of free customer parking. It's an ideal setting/location for a tattoo shop, but the hours are limited unfortunately. We are probably the only shop in O.C. that closes up when the sun sets. Definitely a big inconvenience, but we make it work. And although walk-ins are welcome, good luck getting in a chair without an appointment. The limited hours make obtaining a specific time slot more difficult. You should allow yourself at least a weeks prior notice when contacting us to make an appointment. Availability is not guaranteed just because we accept walk-ins. Olde Realm Tattoo provides privacy screening when requested. Ive even closed up the shop for special circumstances regarding nudity and in one case for a guys birthday cause he insisted on getting his tattoo with a couple nude escorts. Bottom line here is we want our clients satisfied with their experience. From the way they were treated, quality of the work, cleanliness, professionalism, punctuality, comfort, all the way to how clearly and defined was the information you received when being explained procedure and aftercare instructions. It all matters to us. We want to improve on any area that needs attention. Therefore we ask that you express your concerns and opinions. I will eventually provide a blog in the site menu for customer comments. We appreciate all feedback. Whether this is your very first tattoo or the finishing touches on a sleeve, Olde Realm Tattoo wants your experience with us to be perfect. Feel free to request/bring personal music selections. Or bring along drinks and snacks. If you want to drink alcohol, it's totally up to you. Your experience. If you want to bring 3 of your best friends for support, not a problem. We'll make room... The only thing I ask is that you make special requests prior to showing up for your appointment. A lil' heads up. Any other questions or concerns feel free to contact us via any of the methods provided. The phone number is linked to my mobile device so feel free to text and send me patterns. It's my preferred method of communication, but any is fine. Also, I am above all else a Custom Tattoo Artist. This means I do not need a pattern in order to complete your tattoo. You would be amazed how many tattoo "artists" can't draw without references. Tracing is not art and you shouldn't call yourself a tattoo artist if you Must trace a stencil in order to do a tattoo. They should call those guys Tattoo Tracers or Pretend Tattoo Artists. Lol, sorry! I couldn't resist. So call me with the ideas you have alone and I'll bring it to life with precise accuracy and skill. It doesnt matter what it is or in which style it was designed. From floral to faces, from flowing script to flying dragons, at Olde Realm Tattoo we'll make it happen! I guarantee it! We look forward to hearing from you soon. Save my number and bookmark this url, so that when that day does come that you're ready to get that new tattoo, all you have to do is give us a holler. We'll be ready and waiting. ~Olde Realm Tattoo~


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