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RedINC. Tattoo & Body PiercingRT

RedINC. Tattoo & Body Piercing

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Custom Tattooing and Body Piercing Studio

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95 Guildford Street, Luton

Reviews 2/2

azalfonso zamora ortiz
I'm very disappointed I've had a very bad experience in this place, they are NOT professional. I got a booking and they moved 3 times in one week and in the end they cancelled it. I've been asking the reason by email and also by text to the employee who had to do the tattoo. They made fun of me and bullying me sharing the PRIVATE conversation by Whatsapp and social media, after that a texting to them and I got a compaint from the police for abusing messages, it doesn't make any sense. I wasted my time, I could work and earn money or even last booking I cancelled a trip for doing the tattoo and in the end I got nothing. It is common sense to have comunication but I've never had chance to speak I've been ignored. Nowdays I don't know yet why they cancelled the booking. The employee is working at Sacred Gold London too. I recommend NOT to go at this places as they can do the same to you.
MJMelanie Johnson
Melanie 56 I was a tattoo virgin until last week when I went to RedINC They were fantastic - I would recommend them to anyone who wants a tattoo. Deri was very helpful in the planning stage and Dan did an awesome job on the tattoo itself. Everyone who’s seen it thinks it’s beautiful (even people who don’t like tattoos). Thanks RedINC
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Walk-ins Welcome


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RTRedINC. Tattoo & Body Piercing
RedINC. Tattoo & Body Piercing