Shock Tattoo di Sergio Messina

Shock Tattoo di Sergio Messina


Rome , Italy



In our studio you will find different artists. Each with its own style: Sergio Messina ; American traditional Piero Walle: Japanese Dario Irienti : America traditional Vanessa Corsale : American traditional Mirco Inker: Black and Gray Francesca Necco : American traditional Angela Kras : lettering Simon De Martino : American traditional


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    Old School (Traditional)Geometric
    Sergio Messina, born in Rome in 1964, is a passionate illustrator with a predisposition to graphics who discovers tattoos at the end of the 80’s whilst spending time at Gippi Rondinella’s studio in Rome. His interest grows and he travels in Europe meeting artists and studying different styles and methods. During this period he visits his first tattoo conventions as a spectator. In the early 90’s his passion becomes a job and he opens Shock Tattoo Studio, one of the first of it’s kind in Rome, where tattoo artists from all over the world have and keep on working. In 2007 he opens another studio in Rome, expanding and amplifying the artistic pool. Sergio is recognised as one of the front-runners of Italian tattooing. He differentiates his tattoo work and his personal art. These are, in fact, exercises in graphics that have little to do with his profession as a tattoo artist though they remain clearly influenced by it. Sergio can be found at his studios in Rome.

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Sergio Messina



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Via dei Durantini 147RomeItalyIT

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  • Monday10:30 – 19:30
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