Soft Fury Tattoo

Soft Fury Tattoo


Los Angeles , CA



Cartoon style illustrations ✨ colors or black and white. Warm and professional with a sense of humor. Want a custom? Mama is flexible. Want to change your stencil a billion times? Mama is patient. Want a cool friend? What are you doing looking for friends here? Get lost nerd. Zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, bigotry, or really any other hot bullshit. Join me. Did you know your skin is the biggest organ in your body? Nothing’s more brütal than puncturing your organ thousands of times all in the name of a Live Love Laugh tramp stamp. Let’s deck out your flesh prison, it’s lit. Yeet.


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    Pro | Old School (Traditional)BlackworkDotworkFine-lineHorrorLetteringNeo-TraditionalNew SchoolOrnamentalIllustrativeSurrealism
    I like turtles

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6157 Mesa AveLos AngelesCAUS
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