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Speakeasy is owned by Patrick Cornolo and is the home to world renowned artists each dedicated to giving you the best service and tattoo available. We are not your average tattoo shop. Speakeasy is an Appointment Only custom tattoo shop, designed not only to be a highly functional, clean work environment, but also to have a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that puts both the Artists and Clients at ease. We want your experience to be as memorable as the piece of art you leave with. All of our artists do their own appointments and most have a wait to get in so please be patient with wait and response times. If you want to rush in to a tattoo, this may not be the shop for you. We do mainly larger custom tattoos at Speakeasy. Being a custom tattoo shop, we prefer to work with our clients to come up with an original piece of art that you will not find on any wall. Each artist at Speakeasy works directly with their own clients, creating artwork with your input and their vision. We believe you should pick an artist based on how their style fits what you want.

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  • PC
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    Originally from Lockport, IL, Patrick has been tattooing since 1994 and has had the good fortune of working alongside some of the best tattooers in the business and continues to grow and learn from other artists. In the Spring of 2008 Patrick opened his own shop, Speakeasy Custom Tattoo in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood. Speakeasy is one of the most unique tattoo shops in Chicago. The comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and exceptional customer service set it above your average tattoo shop. When opening Speakeasy, Patrick’s goal was to have a custom shop where he and his clients could be comfortable to create the best artwork possible. Even with his Zen like Tattoo shop it’s his exposure to the Chicago punk scene that motivated him to carve out an artistic career for himself. He enjoys doing one-of-a-kind custom tattoos, and strives to stay creative and productive in an increasingly competitive industry. Patrick approaches each tattoo project with equal intensity, as
  • So
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    I have been tattooing since 2001 but I have been drawing most of my life. In about 2009, I began to finally start tattooing the things I was fascinated with, Japanese style tattooing. All through my apprenticeship and beyond, that is all I would paint and draw, occasionally tattooing a friend or coworker. Now, it’s the only way I love to tattoo. It doesn’t have to be a Dragon or a Koi, it can be ANYTHING. I Love to use this style to flow in a way that compliments the body. I tend to work large scale. I prefer custom, full color with heavy black background over anything else. Despite the time I have spent learning my craft, I am still learning everyday and drawing constantly even in my downtime; to keep pushing myself and to keep progressing as an artist.
  • JT
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    I started tattooing in May of 2000 but I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon in my hand. I began painting and studying art history in high school and continued that through college. My love of modern art has always driven me to think conceptually about my work. I also find inspiration from folk art, traditional American tattoos, occult images, antique goods, and vintage natural/botanical illustrations. I’m so grateful to work with incredibly talented artists here in Chicago and the many other cities that have welcomed me as a guest artist. If you would like to make an appointment please email me at the address below
  • AW
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    As an only child raised by a single mom, I spent a lot of my childhood sitting in front of the TV drawing Ren and Stimpy cartoons as accurately as I could on my Magna Doodle. Years later I spend much less time in front of the TV, but I find my inspiration instead in nature, museums, books, classes and artists around me. My style has changed a whole lot over the years (thankfully), but I still pay homage to MTV and 90′s Nicktoons for my early drawing lessons. I went to college in Massachusetts for Illustration in my early twenties where I focused on figure drawing, watercolor, oil painting and pen & ink; two years in, I decided to get a tattoo apprenticeship rather than finish out my degree. In 2011 I got licensed and moved to Seattle to tattoo at a reputable shop where I could continue to grow, and in April of 2015 I moved to Chicago. I enjoy tattooing anything from nature, as my portfolio shows, but my drawings and tattoos aren’t limited to that. I also love Tibetan, Buddhist, Hind
  • JC
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    I’m a Detroit native that has called Chicago home since 2010. Art has always been one of my passions. Growing up I spent most of my time learning how to draw different kinds of animals, people, and characters. Over the years my passion for art has continued to evolve, and in 2015 I began my career as a Tattoo Artist. My style is largely influenced by the bold outlines of classic American Traditional tattoos, the intricate details of Ornamental geometry, and color palettes inspired by the raw beauty of nature. Most of all I look forward to collaborating with my clients to design a tattoo that uniquely expresses your journey.Thanks for looking!
  • RC
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    My love for art grew early with encouragement from my parents and my aunt taking me to the Art Institute of Chicago as a kid. I have been tattooing since 2012 and quickly learned that I had found what I was meant to do. I enjoy creating unique pieces for my clients. My work is mostly inspired by gardens and nature and I love mixing line work with realistic details. I love art nouveau designs, watercolor, and creating elegant pieces on the body. Expect to see more illustrative and whimsical pieces from me. I know how having beautiful tattoos makes me feel about my body and it means a lot to me to give that to others.

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