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Sticks & Stones Tattoo

Sticks & Stones Tattoo

Berlin, Berlin

About the Studio

Appointment-Only Studio In Neukölln with a diverse range of Artists and many international guests.

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Walk-ins Welcome
Studio location
Mareschstrasse 17, Berlin, Berlin


Tattoo by Sticks & Stones TattooTattoo by Sticks & Stones TattooTattoo by Sticks & Stones TattooTattoo by Sticks & Stones TattooTattoo by Sticks & Stones Tattoo

Reviews 3/14

This studio is not a business but a circus. I had met with Bobby before the quarantine wherein I paid the deposit. No receipt was given and that was my fault for not asking. Then when the quarantine arrived my appointment was cancelled which is understandable, but neither he nor his secretary (ironic) had messaged me to let me know that the appointment was to be cancelled. To avoid travelling across the city during a pandemic, I had to reach out to him in order to figure out whether the appointment was cancelled or not as it was very close to the date that studios were required to close. And that was the last that I had heard from him after he had taken my money. I emailed 3 different addresses associated with the studio but received no reply for an entire month. When I went to 'request' to have my money back, he claimed that his secretary did not manage his emails anymore. Okay? Why was this never communicated to a client that had already paid a deposit? I felt gaslighted and as if I was a nuisance being there because I simply wanted to know what happened with my deposit. Never commended me for my patience or apologized for any of this. Clearly doesn't care, that's okay. In the end we decided that he would just transfer me the money and he did. Just a friendly reminder to the people that there are many other tattoo studios in this city worth your time - this one certainly is not. It was a turd.
CMCasim Mayer
Deluxe Edition....die Tattoos und auch die Künstler ;)
PLPaix Le Tattooer
Of course 5 stars


LGBTQ Friendly


Walk-ins Welcome


Consult with the Studio


S&Sticks & Stones Tattoo
Sticks & Stones Tattoo