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STSuperGenius Tattoo

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Seattle, WA

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1419 10th Ave, Seattle, WA


Tattoo by SuperGenius TattooTattoo by SuperGenius TattooTattoo by SuperGenius TattooTattoo by SuperGenius TattooTattoo by SuperGenius Tattoo

Reviews 3/3

Got a tattoo done by Cory Jordan and it went by smoothly and quick! Definitely recommend him for black and gray tats :)
AGAnna Gregory
I don't normally do this but I feel incredibly ripped off and my sleeve is ruined, so I'm gonna share my tattoo experience with you. . I had been working on a sleeve and was about 80% done when my tattoo artist passed away. I was then on the search over the next year to find an artist to finish it. I found Janelle @ supergenius and really liked her style/ work. I needed to add a couple pieces to fill empty space and then wanted the twinkles/swirl shading that I have on my collar bone area to be brought throughout my arm to make it all blend together. My first session with her was great. 2nd session she did a bee/sunflower which the center wasn't even filled in all the way and looks weird (nothing like a sunflower) AND she accidentally nicked my arm in the middle of a petal. I'm pretty chill and love color so didn't mind changing colors to hide the line. She also put little x's instead of twinkles where she had started the filler. 3rd session we filled in the sunflower a bit to try and hide the line (it didn't cover it). So our last session she went darker to cover it, touched up my old flowers and then I told her I hadn't wanted x's but since she already did some I was ok with twinkles and x's so it would blend. The next day I unwrapped it and started having a panic attack. The shading/swirls on the top part of my arm looked nothing like what I already had/what we were going for. I tried to tell myself it'll fade and I'm over reacting but the more I looked at it the more upset I was getting. So I emailed her explaining how unhappy I was. She said it'll fade and to let her know once it's healed if I want her to fix it. So I waited 2 months. It's a little lighter but I still absolutely hate it. The shape looks like a feather or the side of a whale and doesn't blend with I already had. I asked for a refund for the top area of my arm and the $ she charged me to fix the flower SHE RUINED. She told me no and said she didn't charge me to fix it. Then she blocked me. Then the shop blocked me. This is such terrible customer service, I've never been treated this way. It's something permanent on my body that I hate and no one has reached out to apologize or make things right. Don't go to her or this shop, period.
Ive been tattooed by Tom twice, and the shop/artists are amazing! Lovely experiences both times
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STSuperGenius Tattoo
SuperGenius Tattoo