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Traveling Professional Tattoo Artist.. On the Road.. From San Antonio,Texas. Mainly in Cabo San Lucas area. Came to Mexico to explore and get known. Tattooing All the Canadian & American Tourists. If you are around the area and would like to book an appointment, I'd be more than glad to work and design your Tattoo..


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    My Name is Malachi Damian Kidd, I was born in Laredo, Texas and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I began tattooing at the age of 12 years old taught by my older brother Gabriel Kidd who was 21 yrs. old at the time and passed away in May 2002. After his death I moved on to San Antonio and met Mary Ramirez of House of Tattoos and gave me a Job and started learning more from other artists over the years at HOT. Then I was Introduced to Adolfo Lambert from Absolute Tattoos and Banked $$ then I Moved to Austin Texas to River City Tattoo with Roxanne a great character and banked even more $$. Moved to Hollywood didn't make shit and said "Well I've heard of the Aqua Waters in Cabo San Lucas" so just drove South 1000 miles to the tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula all the way at the ending tip where the famous Arch is Located and here I've been since 2009 haven't gotten tired of this place. I Love Los Cabos.. If you are in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas and want a Tattoo well done with high quality equipment and is not looking for a cheap tattoo please book an appointment. I've seen a lot of Artists using cheap Ink and Needles and That's the cause of Tattoos fading away and not healing properly. Also I have studied for many years the differences of Cheap VS Expensive Needles, Tattoo Ink & Other Equipment & have learned that Needles are like Shaving Razors, when you buy cheap razors you can only shave a small amount of hair area until the blade goes blunt & when you buy expensive Razor blades you shave a very large are of hairs until it goes blunt right? Well the samething happens with the needles they get blunt in just a few pokes and therefore that is why it starts hurting like hell & the Ink packs in less than what its supposed to. Also the Tattoo Ink to better give you an example Its just like coffee you got pure, strong, dark coffee but when you add water you cut it, the more water you add it gets lighter. The same think happens with cheap ink, they cut it and thats the reason they fades because the ink is lighter. You can buy $5.00 Dollar Box of Tattoo Needles on ebay or you can order online what I call "The Gillete Tattoo Needles" for $25 - $30 USD for 10 Cartriges or a Box of 50 for the same price plus the tubes for the needles. Just checkout Kwadron Tattoo Needles. Those are my Gillete's. The same goes with the rest of the Tattoo Equipment. I have never read online or heard an Artist talk about this or explain it to people & and if anyone has then he is a Great Highly Experienced Artist. i have noticed alot of clients dont even check to see what brands Artists are using. Because they dont know And i just think that you all have the right to know. I like being honnest & have that reputation & just wanted to share that with everybody. To learn more you can email me or message me or call me and i will answer any question and explain in the best pixeled way i can. I do not charge for me to answer your questions. Feel free. My rate is $100 USD per Hour. www.tattoosbykidd.com Facebook-Malaki Kidd Instagram- Tat2sbykidd

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Calle MorelosCabo San Lucas ,BCSMX

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