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Black Cobra TattoosBC

Black Cobra Tattoos

About the Studio

Black Cobra Tattoos is home to an award winning staff of amazing artists. The shop is very inviting with an eclectic mix of fine art and music for a more cultured tattoo experience. We proudly welcome clients of all types from all walks of life (except assholes, assholes please miss us) We enjoy and celebrate the rich history of tattooing, while also embracing modern tools and techniques (both artistic and aseptic) to give our clients the best tattoos possible in a safe and sanitary space. We value our clients, and strive to give everyone the best possible experience while in the shop. Black Cobra’s artists have been featured in multiple national and international tattoo publications, and the shop was featured on season 9 of Inkmaster “shop wars”. Both Matt and Katie competed on seasons 6&9 of Inkmaster which landed them in the finale both times. Or Resident artist, Blake Cranford, also competed on Inkmaster Angels Little Rock edition, beating out both of the other competing local artists. To Say Black Cobra is a powerhouse of local talent would be an understatement.

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6505 Warden Rd, Sherwood, AR

Reviews 3/8

Would recommend anyone in this shop, no matter the style you want.
EHEric Harness
this is a awsome site and would recomend all the artis thank you.
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LGBTQ Friendly


Walk-ins Welcome


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BCBlack Cobra Tattoos
Black Cobra Tattoos