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The Central Ink

The Central Ink


Where Luxury Meets Creative Freedom: Express Yourself with Tattoo Artistry Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, the Central Ink Tattoo & Supply Studio calls to the artistic side of both customers and tattoo artists to express themselves in the creativity imagery that lies with pursuing body art. We are the one stop shop for skin ink by providing the best equipment, a luxury setting and professional independent tattoo artists who are dedicated to their craft. Tattoo Style Consultation Our customers’ needs are a top priority, as we provide efficient services to make you feel relaxed and ecstatic about your tattooing experience. When you arrive, you will be seated on a cow leather sofa from Spain while provided with food, drinks and an available snack bar as the independent tattoo artist will perform a consultation to talk about every step of the tattooing process. Whether you select from image already designed by the tattoo artist, or you want to bring in a picture or photo of the tattoo you want, we will go over every detail regarding the size, colors and design intricacies so you will be absolutely pleased with the end result. When you are ready to receive your body art, you can select from a variety of room sizes including our reserved VIP rooms. Each private space is decorated with a vintage, minimalist style with Wimborne white walls and a Hague Blue wall to give a feeling of relaxation. World Standards in Tattoo Equipment and Products Creating body art isn’t solely about the imagery. It also involves having the right equipment to do the job. At the Central Ink, we offer the best equipment for independent tattoo artists to enhance their craft. It’s for these reasons that we offer the TATSoul Workstation. This beautiful workstation design is an industry standard. It offers everything in one cabinet as it is suitable for all types to tattoo products and tattoo colors. Cleanliness also must come first in every tattoo shop. We offer the American Midmark 11 Ultraclave Sterilizer, as we are the first and only place in Thailand to have this equipment to provide a reliable sterilization process. To offer a comfortable place for your clients during the tattooing, we provide adjustable TATSoul teak beds that fit the shape of the customer’s body while also providing balanced weight distribution. This equipment ensures that your customer will have a relaxing experience. For the tattoo artist, our Mako Studio Artist chair offers a leather seat and an independent backrest for support as the chair takes up less space. Central Ink: Forming Relationships Between Customers and Tattoo Artists At Central Ink, we want to be thought of more than a general body art shop. We are a premiere tattoo center that wants to give our independent artists a chance to experience true freedom with their body art creativity, because this true freedom will help them create good value work. By providing all the tools and products to our tattooists, they can upgrade their graphic styles to higher levels. The tattoos are on the skin, but we also want to make memorable moments in your mind.

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