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Tried and True Tattoo/ Body Piercing
Tried and True Tattoo/ Body PiercingTa

Tried and True Tattoo/ Body Piercing

About the Studio

Custom tattoo designs from 3 different artists. We also do body piercings and basically all sorts of body modifications. Ranked in the top 10 in the state of Kentucky.

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1652 East Hwy 192 Bypass, London, Ky

Reviews 2/2

JSJosephine Smith
Back in May, I paid $350 for a half sleeve from Brad Mallory at Tried and True Tattoo Parlor/ Body Piercing LLC. Know that he was supposed to be my friend as well.. He left me with an mess. My Angel has "man parts" and three feet. Among many other major problems. He promised to fix it and double my time.. I was trying to have his back like a great friend I am. I get to looking at my tattoo and the issues are more than I can afford to fix at the moment. I reach out to him on many occasions.. I make a Facebook post the first time, and he gets angry. He said he'll make it right. He never did. He admits his wrong doing in my proof posted on Facebook. Im livid. I paid $350 for a piece that clearly isn't worth it. This piece was supposed to be a Memorial for my mother and grandfather. They're both passed. It's in deed my most expensive tattoo from the start. But thanks you Brad, its gonna cost even more money to try to fix what he messed up. Because I (and many others) thought its only right. I asked him to refunded me $225 of the $350. He left me read. Im not sure about you all but im pissed and want answers. He can NOT deny any of this because i have the screen shots that are posted on my Facebook. So please save yourself the headache. Save your money and go somewhere else who will treat you right and knows how to do tattoos correctly.. he still hasn't made it right.
Brad is always awesome, just like his work! I’ve been to Tried & True a few times and it’s been great every time. Brad has done almost all of my tattoos as well as most of the work my friends have. I’d recommend Tried & True to absolutely anyone wanting a tattoo whether it’s anything from a little smiley face on your wrist to a full sleeve, you’re in good hands!
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Walk-ins Welcome


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TaTried and True Tattoo/ Body Piercing
Tried and True Tattoo/ Body Piercing