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I have gotten several tattoos and piercings over the years by Ed Hart. All have exceeded my expectations, he is professional and very kind! I love every piece I have from him, Truehart does amazing work.
So it’s taken me a few days to gather my thoughts. And make sure I’m getting my words across correctly. And also take a few to cool down from me being honesty.. pretty damn angry. A friend and I decided to go get our nipples pierced. This friend won’t be named as she has family online who she wants to not know about this as it’s an intimate piercing. So I understand. Anyways. We decided to go to TrueHart tattoos here in Kingston. And they had a good rating online as well as seemed professional so we booked. We thought everything went well as we aren’t professionals and don’t know everything there is know about piercings, placement and jewelry. She and I had some girlfriends who asked how it went and wanted to see how they turned out. So we showed a few friends. Every one of my friends I showed or spoke to about this told me... “it’s really strange he put a horseshoe or curved barbell in”. After the first few friends telling me this I began to become concerned as did my friend. I come to find out that curved barbels will not allow it to heal straight as it’s “curved” and it should always be the straight ones. So now I’m a little upset he did that and stated to me that “they heal better” before putting them in. I decided to seek another professionals opinion and she told me that’s an outdated way of doing it and the straight ones are far better for healing. My friend got another professionals opinion as well and he said the same thing. My friend also had to remove both of hers because the placement was FAR too low.. So after she told me that and I was seeing the other professional and I asked her opinion on placement. Here’s where I get very angry. And you can see in my drawing below as Facebook doesn’t allow female anatomy.. he pierced my nipple 1. On an angle and two coming out of my areola !!!! Which is actually a huge no. So now I have to take this one out and let it heal for 4 weeks before seeing the skilled professional who fixed my left one to a straight bar. So.. what was very strange was as we were paying and getting ready to leave. He stated “please if there is any issues, contact us so we can make it right before blasting us online” which was a HUGE red flag to me.. but! We had already had the piercings done. He also made inappropriate comments as we were leaving as well. He told us aftercare and my friend said I’ll FaceTime you so we can make sure we were doing it right. To that he made a comment “no, what you need to do is get into the shower together “ .... and then continued describing shower together.... Completely UNPROFESSIONAL! So we decided to do what he asked us to do which was contact him. We called the shop multiple times with no answer. I sent him a message in my Instagram to which you can see was unanswered. I then showed up at the shop. He wasn’t there and the colleges working then made a mockery of me and acted in disbelief... Finally we email him and we get a reply that states.. he didn’t do it incorrectly. They routines go into the areola. Which is false AND I have an article below, stating that when tht happens it’s when a piercing is done wrong. On top of all that I tipped him $10 thinking he did a good job, so I paid 100$ ... All we would like is a refund as we have to pay for new straight bars and to be re pierced and he hasn’t given a refund. Not even an apology. He is very clearly not a reputable piercer and I do not want to see anyone else go to someone who only did one of piercings correctly by luck and screwed up both my friends and my secondary one.. Since posting this. I’ve had many women come forward about not only terrible piercings but also sexual harassment and worse... Please reevaluate your choice.
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TrueHart tattoos