Wludarz Dotwork Tattoo

Wludarz Dotwork Tattoo


Marchtrenk , Upperaustria



Alternative studio for custom designs. Every design we do is unique and drawn individual for our customers. Every tattooist specialized in only 1-2 different styles to get the best results for your tattoo !


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    Hey people all over the world ! As you can see, my name ist Sebastian .I'm a 22 year old tattooist from upperaustria. I've been born in austria but i have polish roots. My story of tattooing began 3 years ago after a good party with my friends, where i had to do a tattoo on my mate who was a tattoo apprentice. After i did my first tattoo in that night (what was totaly stupid but now im happy it happend) my passion and love for tattooing started to grow. I started to study every book i could get about tattooing, and i think i watched every movie i could find. After one year of learning by my own, i went to @Lafamiliatattoo Cracow Poland where i did my diplom in tattooing, afterwards i did in Austria my trade test for tattooing and started to work in a shop near my hometown Steyr.In may 2018 i opened my own shop in Marchtrenk where i currently work. For me it is important to do something special for my customers and to put both our idees together to make something unique . Feel free to send me a dm for more informations. cheers

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