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    Black & GrayGeometricHorrorJapanese (Irezumi)RealismSurrealism
    my name is lil evil, ive been tattooing since 1996 i take my profession seriousely and aim to make clients proud to wear a disturbed ink production 4 life . my shop is in Houston tx 77015( reservations only ) to make a reservation call 2813129491 ask for mike .... we also offer (disturbed ink mobile) (to qualified clients only)(ask mike to see about qualifications) (D.I.M )iS a mobile tattoo service .we come to the comfort of ur own home and deliver professional tattoos this service is perfect for people who want tattoos but dont have time to visit our shop all for a low nominal fee we make getting tattoos easy and we also do professional hand drawn poster boards and paintings perfect for decorating ur spot with sick art work ..open 24/7 be there or be square!,show up or blow up,!barbeque or mildew ! #OFFICIAL#TRUE#FINESSE @INK CITY HOUSTON TX $BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE #YEEYEE #STAYWOKE

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12442 coulson sthouston texastxUS

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