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iPo Tattoo LOYAL

Shibuya , Tokyo
Neo Japanese,Oriental and Tribal Style Tattooer


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    Pro | Black & GrayHand-pokedJapanese (Irezumi)Tribal
    A survivor of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, iPo has been a tattoo artist for five years, and just opened his studio in Shibuya in March 2018. His specialties are Neo Japanese, tebori (traditional hand-poked tattoos), and Oriental tattoos. He is blood brothers with Stefan Fischer, the owner of Bavarian Custom Irons, a high-quality tattoo machine brand from Germany. I’ve had four tattoos done by iPo, including one cover-up, and his work is impeccable. iPo uses all new technology to produce his tattoo work — every aspect of the design is carefully mapped out and drawn on photos of the desired location first, and can be easily adjusted with just a few swipes on his Illustrator/Photoshop-synced iPad. All of my tattoos up until now had been done the old school way — so this was a really fascinating part of the tattoo process for me to witness. Not only that, but iPo is a fluent English speaker, so consultations can be easily made in English or Japanese. iPo is the only artist at this studio,

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Neo Japanese,Oriental and Tribal Style Tattooer


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