rain and forest tattoo

rain and forest tattoo

Portland , OR

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Spencer Hawkins
I'm writing this review based on a medium/large watercolor piece done with Hunmin Nathan Ji at the Seattle Tattoo Expo, 8/18/19 on my upper bicep area over the course of about 3 hours. Getting this tattoo done with Nathan was an amazing experience. Nathan is a skilled artist, and a true craftsman. It was a privilege to see Nathan so expertly pilot his equipment, from the art programs he uses to design & preview tattoos to the actual handiwork with the tattoo gun; and the result is incredible. Nathan was able to take an idea I had and nearly perfectly translate it into art. It is crazy how similar the end design looks to what I had in mind. Finally, Nathan is such an interesting person to talk to. He is kind and funny, and I truly enjoyed getting to spend some time just chatting with him about stuff going on in the both of our lives while he worked his magic. It is at the same time humbling and awesome to work with such a skilled artist, but comfortable and reassuring to chat with such a humble, kind, and down to earth person. Thanks so much Nathan!


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