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Unprofessional! Inappropriate! My fiance had an appointment for 5:30. He wasn't ready until 7pm... Not the end of the world. However he decides to profess his love to my fiance once he has her alone in his shop.... Continues on asking if she is happy in her relationship and how his is not good.... This is after I've been in the shop with my fiance at her last session with our infant child.... Low life to say the least. And his work isn't that great. 0 out of 5 Review.
Randi Yancie
Booked an appointment for 3 body piercings over the phone, the guy confirmed everything & then abruptly hung up. Got there and had to wait for 45 minutes because apparently we weren’t in the schedule book (surprise). While we were waiting the piercers were awesome! But the music was so loud we couldn’t hear anything they were saying. As we were looking around and patiently waiting, one of the tattoo artist (Adam) had his wasted girlfriend dancing and giggling around the entire shop. To add to it she kept pulling Adam away from his client and having a sloppy make out session with him (yuck!). Beer cans were left everywhere & it was just totally unprofessional on the tattoo artists part. Finally at the end of the appointment, the piercer asked for 60 dollars each even though on the phone Lee confirmed that the price would honour their bogo offer and we would only have to pay 25 a piece. Thank god the piercers were understanding and know how out to lunch Lee is. All in all, definitely won’t go back because my piercing was pierced crooked. They don’t even give you any aftercare, just a sheet on how to make your own solution (thanks?) & every time I tried to walk in or book an appointment to get my piercing changed, the piercers were out either on vacation or “went to Drumheller for the next 2 days to see the dinosaurs”. Huge thumbs down from me.


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