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The thing we enjoy in a design, the thing that makes a design look fresh and eye catching is the goalless courageous enjoyment the artist experienced. The good designs were never copied and u can see that it holds a certain freshness for your eye to behold it. For this reason Im happy to be inspired by ingredients a client brings and other art work but will aim to steer towards them intuitively “eyes shut” as often as possible. I want that courageous discovery to be part of the design it makes my work look better


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    a green minded tattooist I began tattooing by hand in Thailand 2003 but didn’t start professionally until 2007. After 10 yrs in a busy shop front the frustration of the rushed pace got to me I needed to connect with my clients more and be part of the art not just bush bash bosh next. Since opening my own private space I have the ability to slow down and connect with clients one at time being able to offer drawing consultations giving more time and space for the fresh ideas to land. Quality has risen the love is back I’m a lucky man. I don’t tattoo everyone only the right ones.

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inside Rodhus Creative Studiosbrightoneast sussexGB

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