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    THE BURNING EYE TATTOO is a collective of different styles and individuals who all have diverse interpretations of tattooing, however come together through shared core values of custom tattooing. Our ethos of custom tattooing is based on providing a completely unique tattoo for each client, making quality customer service an essential element in our creative process. We work very closely with clients and due to our years of gathered knowledge and experience we can assure comfort and trust as well as a wide selection of styles and executions that will fit any individuals’ needs. Clients will find themselves in a vibrant environment of diverse individuals from different walks of life and nationalities united by the same core values. Our studio setup meets all regulations of hygiene and safety. Residents Artists : Live2 – Graphic Abstract Watercolor Tattooing, Dane – Traditional – Old School Tattooing, Salir – Geometric Ornamental Dotwork Tattooing

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