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KSKaty Sarsfield
Katy Sarsfield
Kali from my flash! Thank you @tattooedlego !πŸ—‘οΈ @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks

Kali from my flash! Thank you @tattooedlego !πŸ—‘οΈ @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks


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One from my flash for @jemcnicholls thank you so much! 🌸 @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks Burning church for @idlehands.nailstudio thank you so much! β›ͺ️ @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks A very bruised underarm for my lucky cat @_whatkatiedid ! Thank you so much as always! 🐱 @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks Please tell mom this is not her fault… one from my @blink182 flash for @nistua93 nice to see you again! 🍎 @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks Snake and dagger from my flash :) ⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣.⁣#blackwork #snake #tattoo #art #ink  #ftlauderdale #miami #orlandoFlash design
A rocket for @imthatmatt thank you spud! πŸš€ @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks Ghostface for a babe @danyelraspberry thank you! πŸ“Ί @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks 
Lil’ black work octopus for @tspence94 thank you! πŸ™ @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks Always tired πŸ’€ first of a few gap fillers for @_whatkatiedid thank you as always! β˜•οΈ @butterluxe_uk @lockdownneedle @rotaryworks Cool piece from my flash on good client. Thanks John. #traditional #traditionaltattoo #daggertattoo #traditional #rosetattoo #jacksonville #floridaFun one from my color studies