30 Finger Tattoos that are Creative & Beautiful

30 Finger Tattoos that are Creative & Beautiful

Finger tattoos are like the icing on a cake. It's an adornment on its own! It's like the grand closure of the whole masterpiece!

Finger tattoos to sum it up are perfect sleeve enders. And they're fun to have! 

You can't be heavily tattooed from head, neck to toe and not have finger tattoos. It's just incomplete without it! What's most fun about finger tattoos is that you can play around with it. Like put cartoons or little portraits on it. Or put tiny symbols to represent different aspects of your life. You can also choose to make a confident, in-your-face 8-letter statement to define who you are or what you stand for. :) Whatever it is, it's your call!

Some people prefer linework, some prefer pretty patterns, and some are far-out with ideas and the tattoos still turned out fine! Finger tattoos are fun to conceptualize and get creative with. So if you're looking for nice finger tattoo ideas, you'll be amazed and bedazzled by these 30 beautiful & creative finger tattoos. Amazing, they are. Enjoy!
Finger tattoos don't always need to be colorful or complicated. This simple arrangement of lines & shapes nailed it!
Choose a finger tattoo design that complements your hand tattoo well. Work by Thomas Hooper.
What a clever way to put simple lines together! Finger tattoo by Thomas Hooper, Rock of Ages Tattoo (Austin, Texas)
Bold lines arranged into bizarre symbols. Beautifully cryptic. Finger tattoo by Thomas Hooper, Rock of Ages Tattoo (Austin, Texas)
Choose a tattoo artist who can sling the ink really well as the skin on the fingers fades tattoos very easily. Why? Because it's an exposed area (which means more sun exposure) and the skin on the fingers are not the same as other areas on the body.
Finger tattoo by Brane Doricic, Ink Connection tattoo parlour, Rijeka, Croatia.

Photo on the left shows a freshly applied finger tattoo, on the right shows it as fully healed. Don't you worry as it is normal in this area for fading to occur. In the case of the image above, the artist did good on pushing the ink in such a tough spot.

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Classy finger tattoo, artist unknown.

Designs as small and as detailed as these are not easy to tattoo. Hands down to the artist of these finger tattoos!

Solid traditional finger tattoos. Skull finger tattoo looks so cool! Artist unknown. #finger #fingertattoo #skull #ship #heart #flower #knife
Traditional letters are usually rendered this way for the purpose bold & readable finger tattoos. Lettering finger tattoo, artist unknown. #lettering #fingertattoo
Awesome finger tattoos. Artist unknown. #finger #fingertattoos
Finger tattoo works well with traditional letters. #fingertattoos #lettering #traditionalletters
A collection of Zodiac sign symbols as finger tattoo. Cool! #finger #fingertattoos #symbols #linework #simple
Something to live by and constantly remind us... Finger tattoo by unknown artist. #finger #fingertattoos #lettering #staytrue
"Til Death do us part" finger tattoo done by Fernie Andrade. #finger #fingertattoos #skull
Asterisk tattoos upon the joints = Ouch! Finger tattoo by unknown artist. #finger #fingertattoos
Even doodles can work as finger tattoos. All it takes is for you to rock it out. #doodles #fingertattoos #blackwork #blckwrk #thirdeye

If you're into portraits, find a skillful artist who can lay it down professionally over such a small area on your skin and get your first finger tattoo. 

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