The 25 Funniest Tattoo Fails You Have Ever Seen

The 25 Funniest Tattoo Fails You Have Ever Seen

We've said it before: THINK BEFORE YOU INK! Otherwise you might end up among the Internet's collection of  worst tattoos..
And unfortunately there's no laser removal for bad tattoos on the Internet!!
Here you have 25 funniest tattoo fails you don't want to repeat:
"Give me a bad-ass dragon"
Truly scary.. At least for the guy who got it.
What?? How?? Why?? This is highly disturbing!
THIS IS SPARTA!!! (and the symbol for WIFI)
Coming out of the closet can be done in different ways.
At least it doesn't say BIEBER
I will stop when they stop!
Killer combo bro! Japanese dragon, "thug life," and hello kitty. And what's that thing in the in the middle??
Team (Fat) Edward 4 Lyfe <3
I bet her name is not "Sheleen"!
I think I'll pass on this very kind offer.. Thank you.
Hey, you still can't legally drink, but you could get that...
The tattoo artist really nailed this NY Yankees logo :D
What tribe are you in again? Oh yeah! The Wu-Tang Clan!
Don't think this artist has ever seen Ms. Marilyn Monroe
Come to mama!
Smart thing to block the eyes.. Otherwise we would be able recognise him in the street.
An extra little issue to consider before you marry into this very nice family.
You will live on buddy! ON THE INTERNET!!!
Always that weird wondering look on her face..
Well that make sense??!?!?
modern pirate!
That moment when you realize that you have to spend the next 18 years with that woman.
Yea you go girl!!
Pray he is not lying!
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