20 Epic Knight Tattoos

20 Epic Knight Tattoos

Knight tattoos are not as rare as you might think, especially when it comes to badass armor tattoos.
Knights are not only the dream of kids and of women waiting for their charming prince in his shiny armor... They are a noble concept, the concept of chivalry. In Middle Age, battles were ruthless and violent. Men used their cruel imagination to create weapons in heavy metals which would make the scariest impression to ennemies and also the worst damages. To prevent them from injuries and indeed death, medieval warriors started wearing intricate metal armors with chainmail and helmet. They also were very educated and nice with the weaks.
A mix of strength and elegance. With their impressive look and their noble chilvarous code, knights are still fascinating us now. The historic stories of the wars and crusades as well as the legends such as the Round Table of King Arthur as still inspiring men who are craving for honor, duty and brilliant fights. Indeed, many military men and women enjoy knight tattoos, but also people who like medieval era and fantasy. Just like St. George, knights are fighting dragons. They are thus a symbol of protection against Evil. Are you feeling the romantic chilvarous vibe? Or are you looking for badass historic designs? Then, get into the battle and look at those epic knight tattoos if you dare!
Gorgeous realistic tattoo by Alex Datch.
Badass 3D looking armor sleeve by Alex D West!!!
Old school dead knight by Adrian Edek.
Nice looking dotwork piece by André Cast.
Really nice old school knight helmet by Elia Landi...
Epic battle backpiece by Iwan Yug!
The famous engraving of Dürer, the knight and the Death, really popular among blackwork artists. Here by Kane Melbourne.
Cool armor gauntlet and sword. Can you credit the artist please?
Fun and colorful helmet by Kris Ciezlik.
Black and grey templar knight by Miguel Angel.
Cool small filler with an armor gauntlet and a blugeon by Philip Yarnell!
Fantastic knight tattoo by Timur Denisenko!!!
The inseparable accessories of the knight, the sword and the shield in elegant dotwork style by Valentin Hirsh.
Looks like Valentin Hirsh enjoys knight tattoos... here inspired by an old illustration.
Badass rib tattoo of a broken sword by Vildan!
Haha! Fun old school owl cartoon knight by Vince Villalvazo!
Linework female knight by Tarmasz.
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