Extreme Body Art: Scarification & Healed Scars From Tribal To Modern

Extreme Body Art: Scarification & Healed Scars From Tribal To Modern

We've tapped the bloody & gut-wrenching side of scarification as a process in our previous viral blog that spawned a lot of WTF reactions.
As well as positive and negative ones...so now, let's see how they healed and how tribesmen sported the look which all turned out to be pretty amazing! Much respect to these daredevils and the artists who carved these into life! Enjoy!
Body modifications
Scarification is an extreme body art technique that is done by intentionally carving out the flesh so it looks like these rare beauties after it's healed. More info about scarification HERE.
Traditionally, Scarification was seen most on dark-skinned people for the reason that they have so much melanin in their skin and tattoos just won't work.
The "crocodile" people of Papua New Guinea's Sepik region, several aboriginal tribes in northern australia & the Karo people of Ethiopia are just few of the many cultures and tribes from all over the world who participate in traditional rites such as tattoos and scarification.
Body modification
Humans have so many ways to glorify Art... And this one, although not pleasing to all, is extremely curious and fascinating as a way of art... A way of life!
Face scarification, There's no bullying this kid in school. Seriously though, a boy?! Such wow!
Mandala scarification
Scarification heals more delicate and painful than a tattoo so make sure you're ready for that! Proper aftercare is a must!
Crazy body modification, Stages of healing. This design performed by Richard Ivey
What to do with your heavy black tattoo? Transform it! (If you can handle it. :-p )
This is what it looks like freshly healed. Absolutely No picking or scratching yet!
Sick work performed by Wayde Dunn. This requires a lot of courage & skill to do so mad props to all the scarification artists named or unnamed in this article.
Scars and tattoos, would you try both?
Marked for life. Done by Ryan Oulette.
Face scarification
What you need to know: The aesthetic outcome of a healed scarification can never be predicted for the reason that people are unique and the end result relies on the wearer's healing, genetics, and aftercare. So if you're planning to try this extreme body art, be sure you are well-informed and prepared for it. :-)
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