Extreme Body Mod: Eyelid Piercings (Warning: Graphic Content)

Extreme Body Mod: Eyelid Piercings (Warning: Graphic Content)

As we all know, our eyelids are designed to protect our eyes. No surprise, you will be shocked to see these EXTREME eyelid piercings.

It's extreme in the purest sense, risky, painful and definitely not for the weak-hearted! Read on to learn if it's safe or not, and what optometrists have to say. :)

Crazy eyelid piercing
PROCEDURE: The lid is pulled away by a pair of smooth & sterile forceps to prevent scratching the eyeball surface.
Getting an eyelid piercing
Once pulled, a sterile needle is pushed through the lid from the inside then out. A non-allergenic metal ring is usually the jewelry of choice.
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OMG, extreme eyelid piercing
Bizarre news story: Everyone, meet Juan Double. Unlike the rest of the guys in this blog, he pierced his lid shut after losing his left eye. He lost it after puncturing it with a needle and suffering from infection. He did it as it was the only way to get out of the Spanish military. He couldn't take it anymore so he did it... and finally resulted to getting a psychiatric discharge. He had his left eye pierced closed by a woman piercer named Montse Manzorro --- also a tattooer at Tarambana Tattoo in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain). Jeez that was hardcore!!!
Crazy eyelid piercing
Some do it for fashion... but are they making the right choice?
"It is fraught with danger," says Dr. Andrea P. Thau, O.D., an Associate Clinical Professor at SUNY State College of Optometry & spokesperson for the American Optometric Association.
Getting an eyelid piercing
"The inside of the lid acts as a barrier to prevent infection from reaching the brain. Piercing it can break through the connective tissue that serves as a blockade to bacteria."
"This can lead to Orbital Cellulitis, an acute infection of the eye tissues which can lead to loss of vision or even meningitis, or blood infection" explains Dr. Thau.
eyelid piercing
This article serves to educate and not promote or discourage this type of piercing. Everyone has free will. It is up to you to make your own judgment.

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