Extreme Body Modification: Tongue Splitting (Warning: Graphic content)

Extreme Body Modification: Tongue Splitting (Warning: Graphic content)

Tongue splitting is now a common body alteration for body mod enthusiasts.

Tongue Splitting, also known as Tongue Bifurcation, is a type of body modification where the tip of the tongue is cut at the center to as far back as preferred to achieve the look of a forked tongue.

The freshly cut halves are then stitched together to prevent it from bleeding & growing back together...and when it heals, makes for a bizarre body art that poses either amusement or disgust. So if you wanna get one, you gotta be tough and fuck what others think.

Tongue Splitting Procedure
Tongue bifurcation should be performed by a trained and licensed professional. 
Tongue Splitting procedure
PROCEDURE: There are three methods. First is the Tie-off method, popularized by the earliest documented person in modern history to split her own tongue; a young piercer named Dustin Allor. She threaded a fishing line through her tongue piercing...tying it tightly & repeating the process until she had completely split her tongue. x-P
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Sewing Tongue
SCALPEL METHOD: The tongue is cut down the middle using a sterile scalpel and each half is sutured along the cut edges. This prevents the sides from healing back together. In some cases the scalpel is heated to provide a cauterizing effect to limit the bleeding.
Tongue Splitting
Might we say, tongue-tied?! :P
Tongue Splitting
CAUTERIZING: Tongue splitting can be done with a cautery unit or an argon laser. Both burn the tongue in half which closes off the blood vessels to prevent much bleeding.
Erik Sprague
The Lizardman, also known as Erik Sprague, is one of the earliest daredevils to split their tongues. He had it done using the argon laser method on July 18, 1997 by Dr. Lawrence Busino, an oral surgeon. A deeper split was done on October 3 same year.
Crazy modification
HEALING: Generally takes 1-2 weeks during which the person may have difficulty with eating or speech. There will be a bit of pain (which can be controlled with a doctor-prescribed pain medication) and swelling. Soft foods (soup, yogurt, or mashed veggies) that require little or no chewing are recommended for the first 2-3 days.
Tongue modification
TRICKS: As you get used to your new split tongue, you can train it to do a number of tricks. Some common tricks are grasping or holding objects in between...
Or raising the two halves up & down opposite each other...
spreading it apart...
or if you wanna go discreet one can press the halves together while talking to make the illusion of a whole tongue! :-P
Many also cite an increased sensation while kissing. Hmm...
How about kissing Daniel Radcliffe to find out?! ;P
We hope you enjoyed this article. Stay true & be safe, guys!

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