10 Black And Grey Tattoo Artists To Follow On Instagram

It is impossible to list all the terrific black and grey tattoo artists out there, but here are 10 artists worth following!
Using only black ink and different shadings, tattoo artists are giving life to incredible monochrome masterpieces! Portraits, landscapes or epic scenes, everything is getting more intense in black and grey... It is the basis of many breath-taking realistic tattoos and cool styles such as chicano and Realistic Trash Polka. If you like it black, then you will enjoy these stunners... Get some cool inspiration on Instagram!
Carlos Torres, USA @carlostorresart
Josh Sara, Australia @josh_sara_
Manu Badet, France @manubadet
Dmitry Troshin, Russia @mistertroshin
Niki Norberg, Sweden @niki23gtr
Pete The Thief, UK @petethethief
Silvano Fiato, Italy @silvanofiato
Thomas Pollard, UK @thomaspollardtattoo
Alex D. West, France @alex_d_west