Tattoo Fix Ups: Upgrading Failed Or Faded Tattoos

Tattoo Fix Ups: Upgrading Failed Or Faded Tattoos

When ink goes wrong, tattoo fix ups are required. You have this tattoo made years ago, and it is now not really pretty.
The ink has faded, you now don't recognize the design anymore. Or you went for a cheap tattooist, with a horrid result: your tribute portrait looking like a zombie, your proud lion looking like a cartoon cub, etc... If you still have an emotional attachment to your old tattoo, you can always get touch ups, from the same artist or a new one, that will pimp your ink again. If you like the idea, but not the look, you can ask for an upgrade. A more talented tattoo artist will rework your tattoo with a cover up, giving you something you will be proud to sport... And if your tattoo is really a fail, something you want to get rid of as soon as possible, directly take the cover up option, with a cool new design that will hide the crappy one forever... Not all tattoo artists are specialized in covering tattoos. Select one that has done many successful ones in his portfolio. As you will see in our little selection, good tattoo fix ups require skills, intelligence and even sometimes... humor!
Bad watercolor, but want to keep the negative space puzzle piece? Let's Aaron Reed turn that into a gorgeous rose wrist piece...
When you want to express your dedication for your art, you'd better ask dirctly Amir Husky for something badass...
Not all tattoo fix-ups need a large cover-up... Sometimes, you just need the humor of Ashley Smith...
But indeed, badass cover-ups are making you feel better, especially made by Damian Gorsky!
From childhood to adulthood, thanks to Elena VonKay.
Emma Dixon will make it hot again.
From a cartoon to a King, that's the art of Fahrettin Demir.
Vivid again thanks to Jason of Iron Eagle.
You can trust Lindsay Baker for a witty tattoo fix-up...
Or perhaps do you enjoy the dark humor of Loreprod?
Talking of darkness, Maras is blackening that old sleeve.
This Brian Viveros hand tattoo looks sexy again thanks to Marvel Xavier.
Truly up your game with a Paul Acker's cover-up...
Randy Engelhard will make you go from horrid to terrific...
Old cartoon mummy is rocking better with an Elvis sarcophagus made by Sara Lou...
No need to grow hair, now you look badass again. Please credit the artist of this fix-up.
From boring to royal, Teneile Napoli is having your back!
And Dexter will be scary cool again thanks to Victor Chil...
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