16 Cook Tattoos To Be The Chef In Your Kitchen

16 Cook Tattoos To Be The Chef In Your Kitchen

There are many good reasons to get cook tattoos, but the best is indeed: for the love of cooking! Yes, this is a great passion.
Food is fantastic, and cooking is so creative. There are many tattooed chefs in the world. Often burnt or cut in their kitchens, they want to cover their scars, but with great ink, and always related to their pride! Cook tattoos are often related to food, but also to the tools of these artists. Knives are very coveted, as well as chef hats. But either into organic food or pastry, or cooking either for the pleasure or for greater ambitions, be aware of one thing: pay attention to get good ink, because bad dishes are not the only Kitchen Nightmares! So leave your saucepans one minute to look at these cool cook tattoos sported by cooking lovers all over the world...
Organic chef by Onur Soyulmaz
You need the best knives... and a badass knife tattoo! By Micky at Cloak and Dagger.
Cook with the heart. By Michelle Rubano.
Don't be Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmare! By Michele Agostini.
Ready to make some pastry with these amazing 3D tattoos by Marshall 3rd Eye??
Cool design by Luana Xavier
Simple physics by Jose Carlos Del Campo
Chef pin-up by Jenny Boulger
Awesome hand tattoo by Jean-Philippe Savart
Dedication by Huevo
Jaw-dropping piece by Dennis Paul Kline
Badass knuckles tattoos
Cook tattoo
Rad knuckles tattoo
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