35 Awesome One Piece Tattoos For The Straw Hat Pirates!

35 Awesome One Piece Tattoos For The Straw Hat Pirates!

Here's another treat to tattoo-loving animé fans! Along with Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, One Piece is one of the most popular animé series.
One Piece Tattoo
It's also one of the best, long-running series there is, with 711 episodes and 79 manga volumes and counting. I can see why; I think it's hard not to love the Straw Hat Pirates, especially with someone like Monkey D. Luffy as captain.

One Piece was originally written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda in 1997. It has since then been adapted into a very successful original video animation, ongoing for over 18 years now.
Pledge allegiance with these One Piece tattoos!
via apigwithwings / Tumblr
One Piece Tattoo
by Engraves Circus Tattoo
Artist unknown.
This fan opted for a more feminine piece with the Straw Hat Pirates logo hanging on a cherry blossom branch, a clear reference to Japanese culture.
Artist unknown.
While this one took a step further and went for a more realistic-looking logo.
by George Antoniou
We absolutely loved this piece! Perfectly executed!
by ekapoltwtt / Instagram
The iconic hat in traditional American style.

Here's a massive piece Deviant Art user MonkeyDNico got:
by MonkeyDNico / Deviant Art
by MonkeyDNico / Deviant Art
by MonkeyDNico / Deviant Art
Looking great!
by Gabriel Passos
by Luv'n'Roll Co.
The Jolly Roger in black and grey!
via marklazio / Instagram
by Ester Mazzucchelli
The Jolly Roger, looking as alive and as might as ever.
by Tattoo Tom
Now here's our ultra-flexible captain!
by Jay Shin
by Tattoo Tom
Remember that 3D tattoo arm craze? That was crazy popular with the One Piece fans!
Artist unknown.
Here's the first known piece to have emerged in the internet.
by Blaine Cellerdoor Rose
by Tattoo Tom
This one is so good it hurts?
by Daniel Tickner
by Godfrey Atlantis
Artist unknown.
by Jago Tattoo
Luffy and Chopper being über kawaii!
One Piece Tattoo
An adorable Chopper x  Zoro piece.
one piece tattoo by Tilly Tattoo Studio
Who could forget Nami, the muse of the Straw Hat Pirates?
by Pavel Dubnichenko
Artist unknown.
one piece tattoo by @loco_tattooshop Instagram
by diabloart_aki / Instagram
by tma1992 / Deviant Art
by Uncl Paul
Now here's a total win!
by Andrea Pinna
one piece flash by funnysanguevivo
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