40 Deliciously Savage Stomach Tattoos

40 Deliciously Savage Stomach Tattoos

And surely, 40 proud owners of some of the best and most wicked stomach tattoo owners we've ever seen!
Savage Stomach Tattoo
Stomachs are the perfect place to put large and majestic pieces whether it's in neo-trad or in contemporary styles. They're also one of the most vulnerable parts in terms of wear and tear because the tattoo you got at 21 won't look the same at 50 with four kids and diet of processed food and soda. But who cares if you've got yourself an unregrettable, savage piece like these? I know we won't. We'd be too caught up asking who did it!
by Anrijs Straume
A portrait of tattooed model, Monami Frost in black and grey.
by Sa Jin
by Alessandro Turcio
Classic never burns out.
by danhartleytattooer
Dem bold details.
Artist unknown.
Looking for more wolf pieces? Get in here.
via dubuddha-tattoo
by Alice Ofthedead
by Derek Noble
by Josh Payne
by Lewis Ink
by Aniela Dahlgren
Savage Stomach Tattoo, unknown artist
Gorgeous feathers. There's more here.
by Alexander Grim
Exquisite blackwork by Alexander Grim.
by Paul Acker
Nothing less from horror tattoo artist, Paul Acker.
Artist unknown.
by Danny Taylor - Berlin
WIP by Sam Stokes
This stomach tattoo in progress by Sam Stokes is looking good!
Pictured, Tiffany Rumsey
by Lucky of Legacy Tattoo Sacramento, CA
Stomach tattoo of infamousjoannah/Tumblr
Joannah's wip Japanese style stomach tattoo linework looks pretty sweet.
by Alexis Hepburn
by Tiny Miss Becca
by Andy Chen
Now, that's some savage neo-traditional work.
Artist unknown.
by Jack GOKS Pearce
Stomach tattoo of sktea/Tumblr
Delicious-looking piece on Tumblr user, sktea!
by Kris at Plus48 Tattoo in Edinburgh
I love large, overpowering, and magnificent pieces like these.
by Joel Kennedy at Exile Tattoo in Olympia, WA
by @texas.tattoos
Savage Stomach Tattoo
This is insane! Neo-trad at its finest!
Mandala flower stomach piece - Last Sparrow Tattoo
by Myke Chambers
That traditional American style eagle is rad as it is already but check out the rest of the guy's tattoos! A collection of fine-looking trads!
Artist unknown.
Savage Stomach Tattoo
Parker Cannon, frontman of The Story So Far also has a pretty sweet stomach tattoo!
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