16 Fabulous Balinese Mask Tattoos

16 Fabulous Balinese Mask Tattoos

Balinese mask tattoos are stunning with their intricate designs and the legends that inspired them.
There are different types of masks, all with intricate and epic looks. They are recreating creatures of the Indonesian mythology. The most popular type is the Barong mask. Barong is a positive character, king of the spirits. It is used in a visually aesthetic traditional dance. Rangda is his enemy, the queen of the demons. She is eating children, leading an army of witches and fighting Barong. You can recognize her with her impressive teeth...
Barong and Rangda are reunited in the dance, but also often in tattoo designs, to show the eternal fight of good and evil. Other creatures inspire Balinese masks, sometimes coming from Hinduism and Buddhism, such as Garuda, the symbol of Indonesia, a bird creature. You are getting Balinese mask tattoos only if you are interested into Bali's culture and art. The designs have a whole tradition, with different meanings depending on the side the creatures are looking, for example. As always, when you get ink, respect the cultures and admire the art. If you are fascinated by Bali, check those incredible Balinese mask tattoos...
Color tattoo by Vic Back.
Pretty piece by Sasha Masiuk.
Epic piece by Victor Portugal!
Terrific backpiece by Sándor Jordan...
A Rangda mask by Rob Noseworthy.
Cool one by Philip Yarnell.
Tattoo artist Pa'udy Bali is making some impressive black and grey tattoos...
By Pa'udy too.
Sick work, also by Pa'udy!
By Made Jet Lee.
Amazing work by Led Coult!
By Jon Boy.
Torso by Jess Yen.
Garuda by Florencio at Bunker Tattoo.
WIP by Anais Allnt.
Sweet Barong dotwork by Ade Itameda.