16 Inventive Puppet Master Tattoos

16 Inventive Puppet Master Tattoos

Puppet master tattoos are all about power, manipulation and creative tattoos!
String puppets have been the symbol of manipulation and power for a long time. The mysterious hand that control their strings can be interpreted in many ways. Usually, the puppet master is Destiny. Are we really free? Can we break free? We sometimes need to break the strings...
But puppet master tattoos can hide more symbols... Criticism of religion, controlling relationships, political views... You can put many different meanings! They can be a way to express the way you deal with your emotions. Puppet master tattoos can also remind us to live before it is too late. They can relate to childhood too. So, who control you? Are you the master of your own life?
If you aren't so sure of the answer, question your dark side with these mysterious puppet master tattoos...
Creepy piece by A.D. Pancho.
Nice one by Alexander Yanitskiy.
Who's the master of your heart? By Balazs Bercsenyi.
Jaw-dropping piece by Carlos Torres...
Be your own master! By Damian Gorsky.
Illuminati piece by Denn Soijo.
Horror tattoo by DP Tattoo.
Watercolor piece by Eden Violet.
Creative tattoo by Inez Janiak.
Cool one by Laura Juan.
Artsy backpiece by Léa Nahon.
Fun placement for puppet master tattoos! Cool piece by Max Labar.
Death is the puppet master of our lives if we don't pay attention. By Rae Razael.
Epic piece by Robert Borbas!
Anti-religion piece by Stanimir Stoychev.
Master of the universe by Sven Rayen.
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