Surreal, Colorful And Illustrative Tattoos By Chris Rigoni

Surreal, Colorful And Illustrative Tattoos By Chris Rigoni

Crazy illustrative, geometric and colorful tattoos done by Chris Rigoni!
In a time of watercolor tattoos that barely stand the test of time and minimal tattoos that look like accidental ball pen marks, it is refreshing and reassuring to see works such as these by Chris Rigoni.
Horse tattoo, cool concept by Chris Rigoni
Chris Rigoni's take on contemporary tattooing imagery and composition passes the solid tattoo category, as his work is made with bold lines for the tattoo to hold up for years. His work is a combination of traditional tattoo imagery combined with different modern styles such as the geometric, watercolor and lining style. He makes his work stand out by making sure it looks solid on skin, without losing the modern smooth look.
Fox tattoo #ChrisRigoni
Awesome skull tattoo #ChrisRigoni
Stomach tattoo by Chris Rigoni
Awesome bee tattoo #ChrisRigoni
Cool girl head with wildcat cowl tattoo #ChrisRigoni
Deer tattoo with geometric imagery #ChrisRigoni
Pop-art halftone inspired tattoo #ChrisRigoni
Peony tattoo #ChrisRigoni
Heart tattoo #ChrisRigoni
Insane composition #ChrisRigoni
Penguin and snowflake tattoo #ChrisRigoni
All photos are from his Instagram.
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