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DHDrew Harris

Drew Harris

double deez

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Drew Harris puts his all into the ancient craft of tattooing. He started his tattooing career at Wizard & Co. II in West Chester, Pennsylvania. In August 2004, Drew began apprenticing under his mentor, Bill "Wizard" Paterson. Bill is known for his Black and Grey tattoos and incredible attention to detail. Drew worked under his mentor for nearly four years before deciding to pursue his own business. With help from his amazing family and friends, Drew opened Double Deez Tattoos in August 2008, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. To better reflect each artists’ reputation, Drew changed the name of his studio to Double Diamond Tattoos in 2019. Since beginning his career, Drew's style has changed drastically. It evolved from a New School / Cartooning approach into a style similar to that of his mentor, Black and Grey. While he takes pride being well versed in all styles, Drew now spends the majority of his time focusing on the art of Black and Grey Realism. He is always learning and building based off of experience and new ideas. Drew enjoys traveling to tattoo conventions, and has won many awards for various tattoos and styles. Drew molds his style into every completed tattoo to create a truly unique piece of art.



Black & Gray
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Death raven done at Double Diamond Tattoos in West Chester Father Time Tattoo done at Double Diamond Tattoos in West Chester
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DHDrew Harris
Drew Harris