sri yantra tattoo

sri yantra tattoo


oakland , Ca



Dillon Forte’s Sri Yantra Tattoo is an intimate boutique tattoo experience in the heart of Oakland California.


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    “It is my belief that through geometry we can gain a greater awareness of the true archetypal nature of life. From atomic structure to spiral galaxies, there are mathematical and geometric patterns and constructs that underlie the universe. The purpose of my work is to illuminate some of these mysteries.” -Dillon Forte
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    Bay Area female tattooist. Inspired by geometry in nature, language, unusual formations, crop circles, ancient patterns and symbols.
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    Pro | Black & GrayBlackworkNew SchoolOrnamentalIllustrative
    Laura is a contemporary tattoo artist who draws her inspiration from European medieval and Victorian history, and is drawn to the art of adorning the skin, and the ability to engage with, and modify the external identity. “I use many of my seamstress skills when constructing tattoo designs. You must marry the design to the client. It could be the most important design decision of their life, and therefore every detail is significant.” Laura is a Central Saint Martins Graduate. She was born in Birmingham, raised in London, and now resides in California USA.

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Adis Rodríguez
Me encanto su app, tengo 42 y voy a hacerme mi primer tatoo, y aquí encontré lo que había buscado en diseño, lastima que los artistas estén tan lejos. Felicidades a todos, excelente trabajo


Jota Manuel
Excelentes trabajos


Melissa Gislaine
Super buena la app Muchos diseños para todo tipo de gustos



Studio location
2011 macarthur blvd oakland CaUS
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