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“#ankle” Tattoos

#colour #butterfly on the ankle Elegant small lettering ankle tattoo by talented artist Jonathan GlickElegant dotwork design by Indigo Forever Tattoos, featuring a delicate star motif on the ankle.Vibrant new school watercolor design of a match with flames on the ankle by Katy Sarsfield.Elegant and delicate ankle tattoo of a flower done in fine line style by Katia BarriaElegant floral fine line rose tattoo on ankle in London, GB. Perfect for a delicate and feminine touch.Unique ankle tattoo by Rachel Angharad featuring a heart, stitch, and patch motifs in a neo-traditional style.Get a perfectly sized small lettering tattoo on your ankle by the skilled hand of Jonathan Glick. Minimalist yet meaningful design.Tattoo by Nina Chwelos #NinaChwelos #illustrative #linework #fineline #barbedwire #ankle
Totoro on the ankle Ankle cuff on Serena#geometrictattoo #flamingotattoo on the ankle #dotworktattoo Get a stunning Japanese illustrative octopus tattoo on your ankle by the talented artist Shane.Get a stunning blackwork flower tattoo on your ankle by the talented artist Dani Mawby.Adorn your ankle with a beautiful flower motif tattoo by Ion Caraman, showcasing intricate floral details.Ankle tattoo by Nika Shvets featuring a stunning phoenix design in fine line and geometric style.Elegant heart design on ankle by renowned artist Jeff Huet. A minimalistic and timeless piece for tattoo enthusiasts.Elegant and delicate floral design for your ankle. Intricate fine line work by the talented tattoo artist Joanna Webb.Get a vibrant new school style tattoo of Stewie from Family Guy on your ankle, done by the talented artist Federico Colantoni.Get a stunning fine line illustrative owl tattoo on your ankle by the talented artist Cerf. Embrace wisdom and mystery with this beautiful design.