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“#back” Tattoos

Dark script back piece Rock of ages full back in progressIllustrative back tattoo by Dorota featuring a girl with wings, intricate blackwork design.Beautiful traditional back tattoo featuring a bird, flower, and meaningful quote by Matthew Ono.Get mesmerized by this stunning Japanese dragon back tattoo created by the talented Federico Tronconi.Stunning blackwork flower design by Carlos Hernandez that beautifully decorates your back with intricate details.Transform your back into a canvas with this stunning blackwork phoenix tattoo by Tom Cobra.Impressive Japanese back tattoo featuring a samurai with a sword, done in sketchwork style by Aygul.Delicate black and gray butterfly tattoo with small lettering quote on the back by Luca Salzano.Delphin Musquet combines delicate bird and ominous skull in a stunning black and gray back piece.Get a stunning blackwork dragon and flower illustration on your back by the talented artist Palena.
Back piece Dark script back pieceDragon back piece in progressBlackwork dreamcatcher by Celtae via Instagram @celtaev #dreamcatcher #tribal #nativeamerican #feathers #blackwork #backSubtle yet striking small lettering design on the back by talented artist Ion Caraman.Stunning back tattoo by Mané featuring a man and mask motif in intricate blackwork style.Beautiful blackwork back tattoo featuring a sun, snake, flower, eye, and intricate patterns by Alisa.Beautiful back tattoo by Ami James featuring a traditional Japanese chrysanthemum flower with swirling waves.Get a colorful and lively back tattoo of toucans in stunning watercolor style by Cloto.tattoos.Small lettering and intricate black & gray rose design, perfect for the back, symbolizing beauty and inspiration.Captivating Japanese style spider tattoo on the back by artist Matthew Ono, embodying mystery and strength.Elegant blackwork design on the back, combining geometric shapes, intricate patterns, and a beautiful lotus flower.Experience the mesmerizing blend of surrealism and illustrative blackwork in this intricate back tattoo by Amour.x.